Abstract Due: February 15 2010
Full Paper Due: February 22 2010
Notification: April 22 2010
Final copy due:  May 12 2010
Conference: July 21-23 2010

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Submission Info

Camera-Ready Manuscript Submission Instructions
Authors of accepted papers must submit their final manuscripts together with IEEE Copyright transfer forms by 12th May at the latest. Detailed instructions for the submission procedure can be found in the POLICY 2010 Author Kit (If the page gives and error, please wait and try later).

Please make sure you revise your papers to reflect the improvements suggested by the reviewers. Also, it is crucial that the final PDF meet the IEEE standards, so please make use of the IEEE PDF eXpress facility provided in the POLICY 2010 Author Kit

POLICY 2010 Program Co-chairs
Ken Moody, Cambridge University, UK
Marianne Winslett, ADSC Singapore and University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA